The WV VIP Club is coming soon. A sanctuary for fragrance enthusiasts that is poised to redefine your olfactory experience.

At The Wick & Vine, we are elated to announce our upcoming subscription service, promising a monthly indulgence that transcends the ordinary. Prepare to immerse yourself in the opulent realm of wax melts as you embark on this sensorial journey with us.

For just £10 per month or an annual fee of £110, luxuriate in the anticipation of four distinct snap bars arriving at your doorstep each month. Three of these meticulously chosen bars are yours to curate, reflecting your personal preferences. However, here lies the allure: the fourth snap bar, a captivating surprise meticulously curated by our expert team and featuring an exclusive, unreleased scent.

With our subscription service, anticipate the thrill of venturing into uncharted olfactory territories as we entrust the selection of a fragrance that will enchant your senses and transform your living space into an enchanting haven.

For those who prefer the tried and true, you retain the option to select your treasured favorites. Handpick three snap bars close to your heart, and rest assured, we shall augment your collection with a brand new, tantalizing fourth snap bar. So as a distinguished subscriber, revel in the exclusive privilege of being the avant-garde connoisseur privy to a pre-release experience of a new scent every month. Stay ahead of prevailing trends, becoming the arbiter of elegance amongst your inner circle with our exclusive fragrance previews.

This subscription service is tailored for those who crave a continuous exploration of scents, seamlessly blending the thrill of novelty with the comforting embrace of cherished fragrances. Consider it a forthcoming bestowal of joy and tranquility, an unwrapping of a perpetual gift that will enrich your home.

Stay tuned for the imminent launch of our subscription service, positioning yourself at the forefront of this sensory odyssey. Seize this extraordinary opportunity to elevate your living spaces with the lavish allure of our wax melts. Subscribe today and allow the scents of The Wick & Vine to transport you to a realm of unparalleled sophistication and bliss.